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Google Streetview for your university or college

Ever used Streetview and then find an awesome 360 degree photo of a shop, restaurant or university? You can upload your own footage from a 360 degree camera and get it approved by Google. You can also apply to use the same camera Google uses -the Google Trekker. Put a willing student or staff member […]

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Webinars are used widely in some industries but still reasonably rare in education. We are great at giving away free online lessons such as through massive open online courses (MOOCs) but don’t often use these skills to promote courses. Using platforms that universities already subscribe to such as Adobe Connect, we can begin to host […]

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Heat Maps

We know that online users spend very little time reading webpages. Through studies that track eye movements looking at webpages people have been shown to look briefly at only the top ranked pages on Google. Very few people actually scroll down to lower ranked items. Unfortunately search engine rankings are highly complex algorithms. You can […]

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Marketing automation for higher education

Salesforce automation is not new but is rarely used in higher education contexts. Even so, students cycle through a recruitment cycle from prospective student to alumni which is like a sales and marketing cycle. Salesforce and marketing automation enable you to trigger certain campaigns based on the behaviour of your prospective students. An example of […]

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Using Mail Chimp for Newsletters

Mail Chimp is a powerful newsletter and web form system that can be used for free if you are emailing underĀ 2,000 students/alumni and under 12,000 emails per month. From your enrolment system or LMS you simply (and with permission) export names and email addresses into a CSV file and upload to Mail Chimp. You can […]

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White paper marketing

White paper marketing is familiar to many marketersĀ in information technology and can have some use in higher education marketing. A white paper is a technical document that shows how a product or service can solve a particular problem. White papers can be used in higher education to give mature students and alumni an insight into […]

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