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The business case for SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is now a well established digital marketing channel. It includes paid and free organic listings (SEO) and is used widely by education marketers. Even so, some cool things we want to do like microsites and landing pages can sometimes be forbidden by university policy. Those in TAFE have even worse red tape to deal […]

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Google Adwords conversion code

Google Adwords can become an expensive budget item for education marketers. Where there is keyword competition, each click can cost several dollars. Some clicks may also be poor quality or may be lost as the landing page is not sticky enough. Instead of optimising for clicks you may want to optimise for conversions. Conversion optimisation […]

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Custom web domain (microsites)

If your marketing office allows it, a custom web domain is a great way to improve search engine rankings for a particular keyphrase. Also known as a microsite a custom web domain is bigger than a landing page and smaller than a normal website. One great example of a microsite is the University of Wollongong’s business school […]

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Conversion Optimisation

University websites are huge beasts and their webpages serve many different purposes and audiences. Where webpages are student recruitment focused, there needs to be an end goal. This goal is known as a conversion. Conversion optimisation aims to progress web visitors down the student recruitment funnel from prospective students to current students. Not all of our […]

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