Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

The New York Times declared 2012 as the ‘year of the MOOC’ but in 2017 MOOCs are still of peripheral significance to most higher education marketers. In Australia Open2Study and other platforms serve as a teaser for selected courses but the effectiveness of this as a marketing strategy is questionable. Tainting free courses with marketing also leads to undermining of academics.

So is the MOOC still relevant? I have tried to complete 13 MOOCs since 2012 and even with my doctorate and my love of learning, I only finished 2 of them. I get marketing materials from at least 3 of these MOOC providers but I am not the right target market -I am done with all my degrees, at least for now.

So, something more marketing focused like a virtual open day or a bite-sized MOOC in the form of a webinar might be more appropriate for education marketers.

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