Using Mail Chimp for Newsletters

Mail Chimp is a powerful newsletter and web form system that can be used for free if you are emailing under 2,000 students/alumni and under 12,000 emails per month. From your enrolment system or LMS you simply (and with permission) export names and email addresses into a CSV file and upload to Mail Chimp. You can […]

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White paper marketing

White paper marketing is familiar to many marketers in information technology and can have some use in higher education marketing. A white paper is a technical document that shows how a product or service can solve a particular problem. White papers can be used in higher education to give mature students and alumni an insight into […]

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Conversion Optimisation

University websites are huge beasts and their webpages serve many different purposes and audiences. Where webpages are student recruitment focused, there needs to be an end goal. This goal is known as a conversion. Conversion optimisation aims to progress web visitors down the student recruitment funnel from prospective students to current students. Not all of our […]

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Constructive Alignment

Constructive alignment learning is named after a model from Dr John Biggs. Constructive alignment involves teaching where learning outcomes correctly align with assessments and learning content. CAL uses the principles of constructive alignment to deliver outcomes-focused training and consulting. We also take feedback from clients seriously and test whether outcomes were reached. We work with […]

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